Power Animals

Listen to this recent radio interview with me, by Liezl and Shamane, on cliffcentral.com http://cliffcentral.com/beyond-ears-and-eyes/beyond-ears-eyes-power-animals/

In the Native American Tradition, your power animal could represent the sum of all the hidden aspects of soul, just longing to find expression in your life. It may even be a lost aspect of soul that has taken on animal form to bring you a powerful message, using symbols and metaphors, as you journey through the inner worlds looking for answers, guidance and healing.

Your power animal is here to teach you about yourself, about the wholeness of creation, about being human, and vulnerable, it knows everything there is to know about you, and is there to give you Power.

The word ‘Power’ means spiritual strength that comes from knowledge, information, wisdom, spirituality and the healing that the animal shares with you. By forging an intimate connection with your power animal, and by blending completely with its spiritual essence, you can travel into lower, middle and upper worlds, not only retrieve aspects of self, but also to acquire knowledge and healing for self and for others.

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