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Katharine Lee Kruger, Author, Public Relations Consultant, Training Facilitator, Metaphysician, Healer and Visionary, was the first person in the world to teach blind people to heal. She is the Principal of Katharine Lee’s School of Holistic Healing and African Shamanism, in Johannesburg, South Africa which was established in 2003.

Her 50 years of experience in the field of vibrational medicine is characterised by her eminently practical approach to these issues. As a pioneer, she has set out to formalise the role of Spiritual Healers in South Africa.   Since 1988, Katharine has worked hard to gain recognition for herself and her colleagues, to be accorded credibility. Her Metaphysical Healing Course has been marketed internationally by Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the United Kingdom and the Universal Life Church of America.  Her original book “Passport to Hands on Healing” was the first book on healing, in the History of South Africa, to be translated into Afrikaans, and is now also available in Portuguese.  The new, improved version of “Passport to Hands on Healing” has been written especially with Africa in mind, and is currently marketed as a on-line course called “Your Hands can Heal”.

She was the First Healer to participate in the national convention of "Health for Africa” in October 1988.  In November of the same year, she became a co-founder of "The Healing Foundation" (Transvaal). This organisation is now called "Health for Africa".  In July l989 she co-founded "The Healing Association of South Africa". Moving onwards, Katharine created a "Light Centre" in Maseru, Lesotho when she became the first teacher to lecture on spiritual science at Lesedi.

All of these groups have enhanced the credibility of healers.  Her involvement continues with them.  In addition, she joined "The Confederation of Complementary Health Associations" (COCHASA) and served as the Association's Public Relations Officer and on the Training and Ethics Committee for a year.  This organisation was formed in 1992 to represent the interests of complementary health therapists and was the first of its kind in South Africa.

Katharine's connection with the academic world has been noteworthy too.  Her interest in the human aura has led to extensive research, teaching and practical application.  In 1988 she teamed with Hoosain Ebrahim, a medical photographic scientist and technologist who had returned from the United Kingdom to take up a post at Medunsa Medical University, near Pretoria.

Together they presented a highly successful seminar, "Photographing the Human Aura" in Johannesburg.  This appears to be the first time in South Africa that a scientist and a mystic have combined their expertise.

A powerful public speaker, her engagements as a guest speaker have included addressing the “Second Congress of the South African Physiotherapists Acupuncture Association”, in Durban, South Africa, as well as lecturing at Rhodes University on “The Human Aura - A Medical and Psychiatric Diagnostic Tool”, in Grahamstown, South Africa.

In 1989 she joined forces with the SA Traditional Healers Council and began her journey into the world of Traditional Healing Methods.  Working closely with T/Dr H. Zungu and other Traditional Doctors, she rapidly developed a passion for anthropology, particularly in the field of natural and indigenous healing methods.  Researching and drawing on years of experience in the field Katharine went on to explore the rich African Culture and it took her 16 years to develop a healthy, trustworthy working relationship with Traditional Healers in South Africa.

Her life’s purpose was always to obtain Government Recognition for Spiritual and Traditional Healers as they have an integral part to play in combating the Aids Pandemic and in administering to the Primary Health Care needs of the Nation.  Her dream became reality when, thanks to her and Dr Zungu’s combined efforts, the Traditional Healers Interim Council came into being towards the end of 2004.  This was the first time in the history of the world that traditional healers were granted their own Statutory Council.

Moving onwards, in 1999, working closely with Pieter Christiaan Rall, she established the S.A. National Association of Traditional Healers, which eventually changed its name to the Natural Healers Association.  This organisation was then divided up and run at provincial level after she retired in 2003, and still exists today.

Katharine Lee’s School of Holistic Healing, based in Johannesburg, was founded in 2003, and since then, Katharine has focused on training healers, medical intuitives and teaching African Spirituality.

Katharine’s reputation has spread world wide and she has in the past been invited to present a paper at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in China and to represent South Africa at a congress of planetary “Light Leaders” in Texas.  She was also invited to present a paper on spiritual healing at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in Canada in August 1995 and at the 3rd International Congress of Traditional Healing in Senegal in July 2004. 

A complete humanitarian, her life’s work is to save lives, help the destitute, create job opportunities and to protect and preserve all traditional, indigenous and spiritual healing practices.  Her vision has always been to; empower people to become Community Natural Health Care Practitioners, to encourage them to open clinics in rural areas where no medical facilities exist; to train healers to work in co-operation with the medical profession in hospitals; in homes for the terminally ill; in trauma centres; etc.

She hosted her own radio show every Wednesday morning, from 9 to11a.m. on Radio Today, 1485AM and DSTV Audio Channel 169 from March 2009 until November 2011, is a prolific writer, and in great demand as an Inspirational Speaker.

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