The ability to touch and transfer energy can be actually be as normal to our being as reading or writing.  The only difference is that people have never been taught how to do it.    It is as simple as placing your hands on an area of discomfort, holding them there and relaxing.  Just lovingly touching and soothing someone, releases healing energy from a person’s hands, bringing ease, comfort, and release of tension for someone in distress.

A healer works directly with the client's energy field to bring mind, body, and spirit back into balance. Healing may be given for any illness, stress, or injury as a therapy, which has no side effects and is complementary to any other form of treatment.  Case histories range from the trivial, to the medically diagnosed terminal illness, but no one can say in advance what the outcome will be.  Apart from its therapeutic effect in relieving pain and in the return of function, healing is significant for noticeable improvements in the client's attitude and their quality of life.

The Healer acts as a channel by absorbing and then sending external, positive energy into the client, with the laying on of hands (contact healing), or with the hands held slightly away from the body. Distant healing again, works by sending energy to a person through the power of telepathic thought, intuitively, mentally, or emotionally, after a telephonic, deep relaxation guided meditation. Contact Katharine@mweb.co.za, Cell 084 800 1947 to find out more. Investment: R750 an hour (Negotiable) International  USD$80.

Alternatively - Go to www.thehealingcommunity.co.za - Practitioners Link for your nearest healer.

Regional Representative, Boksburg, Gauteng

Sangoma, Meta-Physical Healer/Medical Intuitive/Soul Retrieval Practitioner/Intuitive Counsellor/Holistic Massage Therapist
Cell: 073 669 0351
Email: rakgomof1@gmail.com

Fortunate Rakgomo

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