Shamanic Practitioner Training - Level 2

Mending the Fragmented Self

This training is excellent for psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, past life regression & breathwork facilitators, healers, counsellors, and complementary health practitioners. Beneficial to those who have completed Level 1 of the training, it can be customized to align with other courses.

Anyone can experience a spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency while undergoing training. Furthermore, this could happen when working with clients who may experience a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, with paranormal experiences, religious ecstasy, or become addicted to spiritual practices.

Like ‘the call to priesthood’ in the African culture, it is important to know how to manage this condition and what to do in a case of spiritual emergence spun out of control. 

Fully experiential you will journey to; Find your Secret Garden, cut cords with the past, call your lost fragments home, and find your Inner Shaman. Learn about Emotional Cord Cutting, soul entanglement, African belief systems, The Dragon of Living Fire (Kundalini), and spiritual emergencies are other topics covered in this course.

The Course Fees for 2024

Duration: 2 months

Fee Payable in Advance:
R1500 Registration Fee
Plus: R1500 per month for the next 2 months

Alternatively, you may do this as an on-line course, without personal tuition, for ZAR 2500 | USD $190

What is included in the fee?

Course Material - Digital written content       

  1. One Private Supervision Session -
    per week
  2. Weekly Assignments based on the syllabus (or customized to align with other courses)
  3. Referrals to appropriate resources as needed

Outcomes of this course:

Having studied all the above, done various journeying and soul retrieval exercises, you will be able to use this knowledge to heal your life, and combine this knowledge into your healing practice.

Our courses are registered with the Natural Healers Association of South Africa & ASCHP.

Course Curriculum

  • Preamble         
    • The Essence of Prayer
  • Lesson 1         
    • Case Study – A Facilitated Soul Retrieval Journey
  • Lesson 2         
    • Finding your Secret Garden – Experiential Exercise 
    •  Some Benefits of Writing by Hand
  • Lesson 3         
    • Soul Loss in the Zulu and Dagara Traditions
    • Soul Retrieval Experiential Exercise
  • Lesson 4         
    • Soul Retrieval Exercise to Call your Fragmented Parts Home
    •  How do you know if a Soul Retrieval has Worked?
  • Lesson 5         
    • Emotional Cord Cutting Cord Clearing Method
  • Lesson 6         
    • What is Soul Entanglement & How does it Happen?
    • Soul Retrieval Exercise to Release Soul Entanglement
  • Lesson 7         
    • Spiritual Emergency – Case Study
    • The Calling of Qumbu Majuba Ntombela
    • The Snake as Messenger of the Ancestors
  • Lesson 8         
    • The Dragon of Living Fire – Kundalini 19
    • Intense Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening
    • Is Kundalini Awakening Dangerous?
  • Lesson 9         
    • How to Handle a Spiritual Emergency – Acute Phase
    • Practical Advice for an Ongoing Spiritual Emergency
  • Lesson 10       
    • Awakening the Shaman Within Guided Shamanic Journey by Mikkal
  • Conclusion       

You will receive a certificate on completion of Level 2.

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