Multi-Dimensional Thinking

This training is excellent for aspiring clairvoyants, healers, shamanic practitioners, psychologists, doctors, complementary health practitioners, medical intuitives, members of the Allied Health Professions Council,
Ethno-Medicine Practitioners, etc.

Do you want to know how to?

  • Heal your life?
  • Activate your psychic abilities?
  • Generate more income by doing Intuitive Readings
  • Become a Holistic Healer
  • Read people?
  • Develop inner sight, thought and energy communication?

Join Katharine Lee, Author, Meta-Physician and Healer, one Saturday morning a month, when fully experiential workshops may help to unleash the power within you.

It is a great paradox of our times and culture, that in order to effectively transcend our obsession with the materialistic aspects of life, we need to first fully embrace the physical.

The journey, therefore, commences on Saturday 18 May and every third Saturday thereafter. We start with ‘The Fools Journey’ as depicted in the major arcana of the Rider Waite tarot deck. These describe the journey we all undertake from the cradle to the grave. The cards teach lessons, values and character building. They also represent significant events and trends that every soul may encounter.

Through Shamanic Journeying, delegates are taught how to listen to the messages coming through their bodies, lives, and environments and how to flow in alignment with their soul’s direction.

Limited to six people per workshop, this course will help you to:

  • Find direction in your life.
  • Move ‘outside of the box’ of conventional thinking.
  • Engage in fully conscious living
  • Meditate, visualize, create and develop healing and psychic abilities.
  • Enhance your home and working environment
  • Stay focused on the thoughts, actions and behaviors that keep you happy, vibrant, energized and on a positive pathway every day.
Dates: Courses Ongoing
Time: 8.30 for 9a.m. sharp to 11.30a.m..
Investment: R500 per workshop payable in advance.
Discounts for students and pensioners.
Venue: Unit 1, 24 – 8th Street, Linden, Johannesburg.
Enquiries: Mobile 084 800 1947 (O/H)
Recommended Reading: Multi-Dimensional Thinking by Jimmy Henderson
Supplied by Katharine

Here are some thoughts from people who have participated in Katharine’s Workshops:

“Thank you for all you have taught me both verbally, emotionally and spiritually. You have been the source of light that continues to draw the shadow side out of me and bringing it to the forefront so that I can deal with it. No, it is not easy and at times it was easy to fight with you in my head like a child without a dummy. Every time I would surrender, I would experience such healing and clarity and inspiration and bliss to go on”.
Rosetta Bhana – Chaplain, Mobile 071 675 7114

I humbly thank you for the kind wonderful words and observations. I in return would like to say how honoured, grateful and thankful I am that we have crossed paths...
Having met you and being taught by you has brought me immense pleasure. I truly hope that in the future we would once more be teacher and student.
With love and gratitude,

Samantha Govender, Mobile 0837901008

Study Past Life Exploration Therapy
With Katharine Lee

Earn while you learn, on days convenient to you!

Investment: Deposit of R1000
R950 for each fully experiential, morning workshop.

Unit 1, 24 – 8th Street, Lindon Johannesburg.

Training Ongoing
Only 2 or 3 people per workshop, on dates convenient to you.
Nervousness, anxiety attacks, anger, nightmares depression, phobias, preoccupations, and unexplained physical pain, could be a previous life impacting on this one.

Learn how to do

Past Life Exploration Therapy.  Experience how, through carefully guided exploration therapy, it is possible to re-live past-life incarnations and re-experience those formative primal events.
Recalling and re- experiencing the dramas of past lives can help to:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Control or eliminate pain, guilt, anxiety, fears.
  • Develop a sense of focus and concentration.
  • Develop latent talents and unlock personal beliefs.
  • Ignite a sense of responsibility.
  • Understanding parents and close associates.
  • Relieve repressed emotions; release past hurts.
  • Develop power, control, choice, confidence in our actions.
  • Avoid illness by recognizing your earliest symptoms.
  • Improve visualization, a key to self-healing.
  • Reveal the meaning and purpose of life.
  • Become beings of action rather than reaction.
  • Contact the Higher Self.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Qualified, registered complementary health practitioners who have been in private practice for a minimum of 1 year
  • Psychologists, hypnotherapists, counsellors etc.


Lectures covering syllabus, guided practical and tutorials.

In addition, trainee's be:

  1. Regressed 3 times using 3 different techniques.
  2. Will do 3 induction techniques under supervision.
  3. Will need to do 10 Past Life Regressions on different people, using different techniques, and submitted these Case Studies before doing Part II.


Certificate in Counseling Skills i.e. Life Line, or Marisa da Fonseca Wollheim’ s Hospice Counselling Course – Contact -


  • The Philosophy of Past Life Exploration.
  • Misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • Myths and Fears.
  • Establishing a bond with your client, different levels, protection.
  • Different techniques, the hypnotic voice, anatomy of induction.
  • Esoteric Anatomy - Healing and Clearing Energy Fields.
  • Benefits of Past Life Therapy.
  • Spiritual Emergencies/Dangers.
  • Meditation.
  • Screening - The Initial Interview.
  • The Different Levels of Past Life Exploration.
  • Role Plays - Interviewing Skills, Relaxation Inductions.
  • Questions to ask in Past Life Therapy.
  • "Staircase" and Age Regression.
  • Christos.
  • Role-plays. Working in twos from relaxation phase.
  • Lecturer will regress each trainee.
  • Lecturer will supervise while trainee's regress one another.
  • Ethics.


  • Revision - Trainee's to do Regressions under Supervision for Examination Purposes.
  • Soul Therapy/Inner Self Exploration.
  • Reframing Techniques.
  • Possession States.
  • Contacting your Higher Self.
  • Age Regression.
  • The Christos Method (Version 1).
  • Back to the Cause Regression.
  • Meeting with your Guides & Masters.
  • Source.
  • Experiential Exercises.

For further information please contact Katharine Lee on Cell 084 800 1947 or email

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course

Learning to speak effectively to groups brings other benefits than merely the ability to make formal public speeches.  As a matter of fact, if you never give a formal public speech in your life, the benefits to be derived from this training are manifold.  For one thing, public speaking training is the royal road to self-confidence.  Once you realise that you can stand up and talk intelligently to a group of people, it is logical to assume that you can talk to individuals with greater confidence and assurance.

Course content:

  • Conquering your fear of Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Introductions made easy
  • The Elevator Speech
  • The Importance of Timing
  • Public Speaking 7 Deadly Sins
  • Understand the Basics of Effective Speaking
  • Outline your Speech
  • Writing Your Speech 
  • Delivering your Speech
  • Perfecting your presentation, including important details such as communication, rehearsing tips, research, planning, structure, organising, performing, visuals, impact and demonstration.
Cost: Cash Price R4,500

Interested? Katharine will conduct this course on request, with either morning or weekend classes as soon as a minimum of 2 people have registered.

Group limited to first 4 people to enroll.

Contact to Register

Duration: 7 Lectures from 9a.m. to 1p.m.

Unit 1, 24 – 8th Street, Linden, Johannesburg.
Groups & Associations: This course can be conducted in-house too.

Payment Terms: Deposit R1000 & R650 for 6 months due on or before the 30th of each month.
Kindly note that tuition fees are non-refundable, but transferable, should you decide not to continue with your training.

Testimonials Katharine Lee

I have definitely crossed a few paths in the last two weeks. I do honestly feel lighter and more focused and have a stronger will to get going and do the things I need to do, since doing your workshop, “Heal the Past and Mend the Future”. Tracey Leppan

"Thank you Katherine. I have felt my spiritual journey growing in leaps and bounds since starting the course. Thank you for your guidance. It is amazing to be getting back to our original being of light and the added blessing that one is worthy of being a channel/conduit for the Divine is such an amazing gift. I remain humbled and eternally grateful. As always I look forward to the wonderful meeting of minds and spirits at our Group sessions. Love and blessings".
Nirmala Reddy

"Dear Katharine, I am deeply humbled and in gratitude to Spirit to having had the opportunity of learning from you and having met you. It was an awesome experience and my heart and soul are singing in joy"
Anu Naidu - Visitor from India

"I had the most wonderful time on Sunday.I loved the diverse cultures and all the different ways of experiencing spirit. God bless"
Jasmeen Parker

"Just a word of thanks for your training.
Katharine, I really enjoy the way you put it together it just flows so naturally.
We have such a great team of people together from different cultures which makes it even more interesting.I honestly do not know at this stage of my life where I am going with this. But I am so glad that I enrolled for this training even if it is only for my own self development. Thank you."

Angela Marques

"I just loved the group yesterday. They all participated even Ompo at the end was smiling. It is amazing and awe inspiring to see what a group collective energy can accomplish Katharine, amazing. I can just imagine how you must experience each course and every group and every person. It's no wonder you need sustenance in between because you channel so much energy, love and power. You truly are an amazing individual and the perfect spiritual teacher! Blessings, love, our Creators fortune and grace be with you Katharine Lee, always!"
Ruben T Hiscock Cell 083 347 5982

"Dear Katharine, We still using the techniques we learned from your workshops such as meditation, visualisation and self-talk to achieve some goals. With your help we have been able to grow to a higher level of spirituality. What is nice about it is that and most of us are now driving beautiful cars, thanks to the beautiful seeds you planted in our lives Katherine. You will never be forgotten for the foundation you gave us in life. You will always be our mentor, our mother and our leader in spirituality".
Gladys Ngwenya

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