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A seasoned speaker, facilitator and trainer, Katharine addresses educational institutions, businesses, associations and social groups. Her engaging and entertaining presentations boost creativity, personal growth and empowerment. Her philosophy is that regardless of their age, culture, gender, or season in life, everybody needs to laugh and learn something in the process. Her team building, fully experiential, interactive presentations, help people to align around goals, and build effective working relationships. Her workshops help to facilitate long term team building through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions and processing.

Discover Your Phenomenal Self

The Hollywood Principle: If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
If you haven’t, fake it.
Then fake it ‘till you make it.
Win your own Academy Award.
Mike Lipkin

Life is our school and like actors on a stage we undergo training, and it’s when life throws us a curved ball, that we must reach deep inside ourselves to find coping mechanisms in order to survive. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. We always have a choice. We can either remain in the shallow end of the pool of self-pity, or we can venture bravely out into the ocean, knowing that somewhere on our journey, Life will give us another chance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sharpen your acting skills and go to work daily believing that you are phenomenal.
  • Learn to roll with the punches. Then, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.
  • When we learn to bend and not to break, we discover the potential to bring on our own miracles.
  • The key to being phenomenal is letting the relationships in your life grow to the highest levels they possibly can.  Not by putting yourself first in life, but by remembering that the more you give away the more you have.

Format: 45 – 60 min

Are you tired of Being Hurt?

“To try and to fail is not laziness” African proverb.

While changes in the brain can seem on the surface, disastrous and representative of permanent hurt; the truth is that these alterations can be reversed.
People can create happiness and eliminate stress and unhappiness. They’ll not only be happier, but healthier, more alive and curious, better able to think, and not get stuck on negative emotions and thoughts. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep famous people in mind and remind yourself that sometimes failure is just the first step towards success.
  • With repeated and direct attention towards a desired change, we can re-wire our brains.
  • Discovering new possibilities.
  • Dreaming a new world into being.

Format: 45 – 60 min

Corporate Spirituality in South Africa

With today’s socio-economic climate being a major contributor to the negative impact of stress experienced by corporate executives as well as employees across the board, could the answer be to introduce ‘Corporate Spirituality’ into the workplace? In generic terms, the word ‘spirituality’, means the transformation of consciousness outside of the structures of existing institutionalized religions, rather than the word ‘religion’, which might invoke fears of dogmatism, exclusivity and fanaticism in the workplace. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Bringing ethics and spiritual values into the workplace can reduce stress levels, lead to increased productivity, improved turnover.
  • Spiritual activities may only be performed at pre-determined times during the day. These may not overflow or interfere with the normal running of the business.
  • Effective ways to bring spiritual values into the workplace.
  • Meeting the spiritual needs of a workforce cuts down on absenteeism, burnout and turnover.

Format: 45 – 60 min

Healing the Animal Totem Way

In a candlelit room, thick with the haze of incense, in the basement of Rome’s palatial Excelsior Hotel, seventeen of the world’s most powerful executives lay blindfolded on towels, breathing deeply and journeyed into the ‘lower world’ to the sound of a lone tribal drum. Richard Harvard, a management consultant and urban shaman, was instructing executives how to retrieve their ‘power animals’ from their inner depths who would guide their companies to 21st Century success. Lower World Journeys like these eventually resulted in the design and production of Rochester New York’s, hottest seller, the Xerox 265DC, a 97%-recyclable machine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shamanic journey work helps people to move beyond the five senses, to activate their extraordinary creative abilities.
  • The middle, lower and upper worlds.
  • Using shamanic journeys for creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Reviving constantly evolving shamanic healing techniques can bring forth wisdom and relief of suffering.

Format: 60 to 90 mins

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