Soul Retrieval

What It Is…….and…… What It Does
“You cannot find peace until you find all the pieces”

N.B. The Soul Retrieval Practitioner’s way of doing healing should not be considered as exclusive method of confronting psychological and/or medical problems. It should be viewed as “in addition to” and not “instead of” orthodox or psychological treatments.

What is soul loss?

As we move through life, many of us encounter situations that are too frightening to deal with, so we block off parts of ourselves, push aside the energy associated with the situation and continue with our lives as best we can.  The ‘wounded’ segment of our personality, however, stays trapped in the event, and like a stuck record, continues to play over and over again, resulting in repetitive behaviour patterns, events, or starts to manifest symptoms of ‘soul loss’.  This is why certain women will constantly choose an abusive husband for a marriage partner, or the same person will keep on having car accidents, and why certain individuals are repeatedly hi-jacked. Then there are those people who constantly suffer from pain, anxiety, or stress of unknown origin that does not respond to any form of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or medical treatment.

*Marie Von Franz, a prominent Jungian analyst wrote, “Soul loss can be observed today as a psychological phenomenon in the everyday lives of the human beings around us. Loss of soul appears in the form of a sudden onset of apathy and listlessness; the joy has gone out of life, initiative is crippled, one feels empty, everything seems pointless”.

Unable to communicate verbally, these ‘wounded aspects of self’ work through the subconscious mind, and the person feels unable to get on with their life’s work, is unable to focus or to concentrate, feels ‘emotionally dead’, ‘spaced out’ and ‘not really present’. Other symptoms include severe depression, grief and an all encompassing feeling of fear and different kinds of psychosomatic, emotional and physical illnesses that do not seem to respond to any form of conventional treatment.

*M.L. Von Franz, Projection and Recollection in Jungian Psychology (Peru, IL:Open Court, La Salle & Condon, 1980)

What is a Soul Retrieval Practitioner?

A Soul Retrieval Practitioner (SRP) is a person who has been trained to enter into deep state of meditation (altered state of consciousness), through the use of meditation, drumming and certain types of shamanic music that activate the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This enables them to have an out of body experience (OEB) and to journey into the Upper, Middle or Lower Worlds, (the Shamanic Model of the Human Mind) in order to retrieve, heal and re-integrate lost aspects of a person’s character that may still be trapped in the memories of past events.

They do this with the help of the spiritual realm. These unseen helpers might be magical beings that care for nature, power animals, the elements, ancestors, gods, goddesses, archangels, saints, ascended masters, or teachers from various religious traditions.

There is nothing unusual about this. In the East the existence of “invisible helpers’ has always been recognised; even in Europe we have had the old Greek stories of the interference of gods in human affairs. In mediaeval times there were many stories of saints who appeared at critical moments and turned the fortune of war in favour of the Christian hosts – such as that of St James having led the Spanish troupes – and of guardian angels who sometimes saved a traveller from serious danger even death. At Christmas time we sing carols like “While Shepherds watched their flocks by night, all seated on the ground, an angel of the Lord appeared and glory shone around, and angels are referred to in the old and new Testaments about 122 times.”

The act of being able to enter the Shamanic Dreamtime is called a Shamanic Journey, as it allows the traveller to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary awareness. This can be done in the form of a guided meditation when the client fully participates in the experience, or alternatively, the SRP may conduct the journey on behalf of the client, with the client lying back in a comfortable chair, lying on or bed or lying in a relaxed state next to the SRP on the floor.

How is Soul Loss treated?

People suffering from ‘soul loss’ need a soul retrieval practitioner, a person who is able to journey, in an altered state of awareness, along a time line on their behalf into a parallel universe, to retrieve those injured aspects of self, still ensnared in the past. This is done with the help of their power animal, a specialised animal spirit guide, or angelic being that will be in charge of the journey to find and heal the origin of the problem.

The beauty of soul retrieval is that the person suffering from soul loss does not have to revisit the past, or know the origin of the problem. It is also a safer and gentler alternative to Past Life Regression in that, if the problem is linked to a previous life, the client does not need to be regressed and to re-live the trauma associated with a previous incarnation, in order to be healed. The experienced Soul Retrieval Practitioner is able to retrieve, heal and reintegrate lost aspects of self, by blowing them back into the crown or solar plexus centre, while the client is in a deep state of relaxation.

Will I be hypnotised?

No. The beauty of Soul Retrieval Therapy is that the client does not have to be hypnotised in order for it to be effective. Soul Retrieval Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, highly effective technique that helps people to explore solutions to problems with a minimum of cost, time and energy.

What about my Doctor?

Soul Retrieval is always "in addition to" and never "instead of" conventional medical or professional psychological care.  It is complementary to all other forms of treatment, in fact people who choose this modality as their preferred a form of healing should also have counselling and follow up with their choice of complementary therapies like aroma-therapy,  reflexology or acupressure etc., that will assist with the clearing and healing process.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits include feeling more focused and orderly, more present, alive, lighter, more able to set boundaries, with increased feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.  They are more in touch with their feelings, feel more powerful as individuals, have boosted energy levels, increased libido and things seem more ‘real’. There is there is a greater richness of ‘being’, heightened awareness and spirituality, people are able to let go of the past, and of negative feelings like resentment and of abandonment. In many cases their financial situation also improves.

Lives are turned around, people look and feel younger, are more radiant and in control.  They are open and receptive to new career opportunities and relationships. If they could not remember their dreams before, they are now able to do so, and those who could dream, remember their dreams more vividly.  Some people, who were ill and depleted of energy, find that their symptoms disappear and they have renewed zest for life.

One can never predict the outcome, however, because the experience differs from individual to individual.

Can it cause any harm?

Soul Retrieval utilises powerful and energising music, in order to enable the SRP to journey into an altered state of consciousness. It is therefore not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, or any sort of mental or serious emotional disorder, or undergoing psychotherapy, or for people who have any other kind of neurological or neuro-respiratory disease.

It is not suitable for pregnant women or severely depressed or traumatised people, or individuals who are addicted to or under the influence of hallucinatory drugs or alcohol.

Are there any side effects?

Occasionally a client may experience a "healing crisis" (a temporary worsening of symptoms), before relief is obtained. They might feel sensitive, irritable, or very tired for the first twenty four hours. Sometimes these symptoms can last for up to a week, but will gradually diminish. The abused child who was beaten could not express anger before, may now as an adult feel the need to express that anger, but will be able to handle it in a non destructive manner. This is temporary, and will soon pass.

Others feel very sleepy. This is a healing sleep which helps the ‘Lost Aspects of Self’ to re-integrate.

Dreams may become more vivid, and people who may never have remembered their dreams before may be able to do so now.

In rare cases, past memories may come flooding back, this can last anything up to two weeks. Some individuals experience increased bladder or bowel activity, this simply means that they are "clearing" old emotional issues, which is a positive sign. 

It is quite normal for people to start crying during or after a soul retrieval session, as old blocked emotions well to the surface. This is usually a welcome release of pent up emotion that has lain buried for many, many years, and is part of the healing process.

In very rare cases, some people may experience a temporary depression after a soul retrieval which may last for up to 48 hours.  This is all part of ‘letting go of the past’.

Sometimes people feel disorientated or detached after the session.  It is up to the SRP to ensure that they are fit to drive afterwards.  This feeling could last for a few days.

Some people develop flu’ like symptoms as their bodies discharge old toxic memories associated with the past, but this soon clears as they start to re-integrate and enjoy life from a new and healthy perspective.

Some further thoughts

Soul Retrieval goes to the deeper levels of a person's being where many illnesses have their origin (stress, tension and fatigue) so that symptoms disappear when the cause is removed. Over many years, the spiritual aspect of illness has been neglected in the search for technological removal of symptoms rather than tackling the origin of the problem. Hundreds of clients go for soul retrieval internationally every day and speak of the benefits they have received; so many, that it cannot be coincidence in every case. So why not make an appointment today?

N.B. It is important to understand that the shamanic practitioner works in partnership with their helping spirits, who do the diagnosis and advise on what healing ceremony should be done.

Today, in a psychologically sophisticated culture, some clients show up telling shamanic practitioners what healing work needs to be done. This is not how shamanic healing works. The shamanic practitioner listens to the problem the client presents and then consults with his or her healing spirits for the spiritual diagnosis and the proper healing method.

Also, please understand that all shamanic practitioners have different styles of working. A good shamanic practitioner follows the directions of their helping spirits, who knows what is best for the client.

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