Past Life Exploration
with Katharine Lee

From an early age I could see light and colours around people and took it for granted that everyone else could see this too.  Only later on did I realize that what was apparent to me was invisible to others.

I came to understand that the light and colours I saw around people were, in fact the energy fields which surround and inter-penetrate the physical body, and comprise the Human Aura.  Each of these energy systems has its own specific qualities, especially the emotional body, in which are embedded all our emotions, moods and impressions.

In this “memory bank” is stored every experience the soul has ever encountered on its voyage through eternity.  Every powerful emotion has a colour which gives off a vibration and is clearly visible to those with auric sight.  Unhappy experiences manifest as dark thought forms in the emotional body, weighing it down and lowering its frequency. 

The emotional body is the most powerful of all the subtle bodies in that is never allows us to forget any experience, be it good or bad.  This is the level at which I work when doing past life-exploration therapy, for until the emotional body is completely cleared, permanent healing cannot take place. 

Highly absorbent and easily affected by outside forces and influences, the emotional body shapes itself around the physical body, constantly relaying information into the physical vehicle at a cellular level.   It is thus possible for a memory - perhaps of a serious injury in a previous lifetime - to manifest at a physical level in this incarnation. 

People often say to me, “If I have lived before, why can’t I remember?”  My answer is, “You do remember because your body remembers, even though your conscious mind may have forgotten”.  Each successive lifetime is layered into the emotional body, which can be regarded as your personalized Akashic record of past incarnations.

In an expanded state of awareness, we move beyond the physical and are able to “read” our own Akashic records.  People who have had near death experiences, describe how their entire life flashed before them and how, after this experience, their attitude to life and death underwent a profound change.  Now we no longer have to wait for death to discover more about ourselves, but can have immediate access to this information through past-life therapy.

Not everyone is suited to past life work.  It should not be seen as the starting point for spiritual development, but is best suited to people who have meditated before.  People with heart conditions, a history of mental illness, prolonged drug and alcohol abuse should avoid using this technique.  Also, if you are experiencing more problems than you can handle in the present, it is most unwise to journey back and to look for more. 

With 30 years’ experience in the field of spiritual science, the technique I employ enables the person to more fully recall previous lives as well as to gain a deeper understanding of how those lives are impacting on their current incarnation.

Years of experience in this field have shown that using deep hypnosis for regression therapy does not work, because the client does not remember anything afterwards, nor are they able to participate in the healing, clearing and soul retrieval session that follows.

I therefore, prefer to use a combination of energy and guided regressive therapy to guide the client into a trance-like state. Lying down, the client is gently be coaxed into a state of deep relaxation, before being progressively taken back to the most recent incarnation, and from there to the incarnation that is having the most powerful impact on their current life. The method I use is completely safe, in that, the client stays in touch with my voice throughout the experience, while describing events that took place in previous lives.

I carefully screen clients before consultations by asking them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire beforehand, to ensure that a past life regression is best suited to their needs.

It works best when the person has a valid reason for going back, such as a need for healing at an emotional, mental, physical or financial level. I also incorporate soul retrieval in the process. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Although one can never predict the outcome, in many cases lives are turned around, people look and feel younger, and are more radiant and in control.  They are open and receptive to new career opportunities and relationships. If they could not remember their dreams before, they are now able to do so, and those who could dream, remember their dreams more vividly.  Some people, who were ill and depleted of energy, find that their symptoms disappear and they have renewed zest for life.

Cost: R1000 for a two-hour session
R500 deposit when confirming your appointment.
R500 on the day of your consultation please.

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Today, in a psychologically sophisticated culture, many clients show up telling shamanic practitioners that they need a soul retrieval or past life regression.  This is not how shamanic healing works. The shamanic practitioner intuitively listens to the problem the client presents and then, in consultation with their healing spirits, decides on which modality is best suited to that person’s needs. Also, please understand that all shamanic practitioners have different styles of working. When it comes to journey work, they will either talk you through the process or journey on your behalf.  It is better therefore, to keep an open mind and have no expectations when making your appointment, trusting that Katharine, with fifty-five years’ experience in this field, will know what it is that you need the most.

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