Intuitive Counselling Consultations

(South African's / International)

Katharine Lee, based in Northcliff, Johannesburg, is an intuitive and business mentoring counsellor. She uses her supernatural abilities to read the aura, linking with people at a soul level.

Consultations last an hour and you will initially need to discuss what is troubling you, to enable her to build a soul connection with you. Your voice is pivotal to the reading to assist her with this process.

She is not a fortune-teller. Her readings are concerned with your life purpose in this time-space and your growth, which are indicated by the colours in your aura. Where appropriate, the guides will point to other lifetimes in other time-spaces that are influencing your present life path. The readings are intended to explain why you are experiencing what you are in this lifetime, and to align you with your life purpose.

Susan and I both want you to know that the work you do opens the lives of others. But your heart is the catalyst in all this work. Thank you for treating people’s gifts with integrity and respect. Thank you for relating messages from the spirit immediately and thank you for carrying out the work with a genuine heart and always respecting the wishes of spirit guides. May the Almighty God hear all your prayers and answer all of them.” Mamosa Motjope


Kindly note that I am available for long-distance sessions on all my modalities, during lock-down.

Telephonic consultations 1 hour R500
Skype sessions
Skype name: katharine.lee.kruger
1 hour
  1 hour International
$75 USD
Power Animal Journey 1 hour
Soul Retrieval Past Lives                               
  International $100 USD



Kindly note that payments via EFT/or PayPal, become due when confirming your appointment.


Contact Katharine:
+27 84 800 1947

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