Past Life Regression Training with Katharine Lee

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Investment: R950 for each fully experiential, morning workshop.

Unit 1, 24 – 8th Street, Linden Johannesburg.

Training Ongoing
Only 2 or 3 people per workshop, on dates convenient to you.

Nervousness, anxiety attacks, anger, nightmares depression, phobias, preoccupations, and unexplained physical pain, could be a previous life impacting on this one.

Learn how to do

Past Life Exploration Therapy.  Experience how, through carefully guided exploration therapy, it is possible to re-live past-life incarnations and re-experience those formative primal events.

Recalling and re- experiencing the dramas of past lives can help to:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Control or eliminate pain, guilt, anxiety, fears.
  • Develop a sense of focus and concentration.
  • Develop latent talents and unlock personal beliefs.
  • Ignite a sense of responsibility.
  • Understanding parents and close associates.
  • Relieve repressed emotions; release past hurts.
  • Develop power, control, choice, confidence in our actions.
  • Avoid illness by recognizing your earliest symptoms.
  • Improve visualization, a key to self-healing.
  • Reveal the meaning and purpose of life.
  • Become beings of action rather than reaction.
  • Contact the Higher Self.

Your Workbooks are:

  • "Discovering Your Past Lives", by Glen Willison and Judith Johnstone
  • "Hypnosis for Change" Second Edition by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher - New Harbinger Publications, 1989

Entrance Requirements:

  • Qualified, registered complementary health practitioners who have been in private practice for a minimum of 1 year
  • Psychologists, hypnotherapists, counsellors etc.


Lectures covering syllabus, guided practical and tutorials.

In addition, trainee's will need to:

  1. Have been regressed 3 times using 3 different techniques.
  2. Have done 3 induction techniques under supervision.
  3. Have done 10 Past Life Regressions on different people, using different techniques, and submitted these Case Studies before doing Part II.

In addition, having complied with the above, trainees will be required to undergo a practical examination, by regressing under supervision, 2 different people never been regressed before.


Certificate in Counseling Skills.


  • The Philosophy of Past Life Exploration.
  • Misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • Myths and Fears.
  • Establishing a bond with your client, different levels, protection.
  • Different techniques, the hypnotic voice, anatomy of induction.
  • Esoteric Anatomy - Healing and Clearing Energy Fields.
  • Benefits of Past Life Therapy.
  • Spiritual Emergencies/Dangers.
  • Meditation.
  • Screening - The Initial Interview.
  • The Different Levels of Past Life Exploration.
  • Role Plays - Interviewing Skills, Relaxation Inductions.
  • Questions to ask in Past Life Therapy.
  • "Staircase" and Age Regression.
  • Christos.
  • Role-plays. Working in twos from relaxation phase.
  • Lecturer will regress each trainee.
  • Lecturer will supervise while trainee's regress one another.
  • Ethics.


  • Revision - Trainee's to do Regressions under Supervision for Examination Purposes.
  • Soul Therapy/Inner Self Exploration.
  • Reframing Techniques.
  • Possession States.
  • Contacting your Higher Self.
  • Age Regression.
  • The Christos Method (Version 1).
  • Back to the Cause Regression.
  • Meeting with your Guides & Masters.
  • Source.
  • Experiential Exercises.

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