Katharine Lee’s School of Holistic Healing and African Shamanism

Katharine Lee, Author, Radio Presenter,
Inspirational Speaker, Intuitive Counsellor and
Ethno Medicine Practitioner.

Author of 'Passport to Hands-on- Healing' and 'Genesende Hande', Katharine Lee's experiential workshops and talks are based on fifty years of research, inner wisdom and fascinating personal spiritual experiences.

As a vibrational healer and six-sensory spiritual teacher, Katharine helps people to heal and teaches them how to awaken their intuition. Once they know how to tap into their intuition they are able to drastically change and improve the quality of their lives. This brings them peace of mind and they learn to live an easier, more satisfying way of life.

For over a decade, Katharine, philanthropist, dynamic speaker, prolific writer, trainer and visionary, has travelled internationally teaching healing, happiness, self-enrichment, and delivering timeless messages to anyone who has sought a greater meaning to life and the beauty in the world around them.

No longer in private practice, Katharine now devotes herself to mentoring, teaching and doing public appearances.

Please go to the ‘Courses’ link to find out more, or contact katharine@mweb.co.za

“Thank you for all you have taught me both verbally, emotionally and spiritually. You have been the source of light that continues to draw the shadow side out of me and bringing it to the forefront so that I can deal with it. No, it is not easy and at times it was easy to fight with you in my head like a child without a dummy. Every time I would surrender, I would experience such healing and clarity and inspiration and bliss to go on”.
Rosetta Bhana – Chaplain, Mobile 071 675 7114

I humbly thank you for the kind wonderful words and observations. I in return would like to say how honoured, grateful and thankful I am that we have crossed paths...
Having met you and being taught by you has brought me immense pleasure. I truly hope that in the future we would once more be teacher and student.
With love and gratitude,

Samantha Govender, Mobile 0837901008

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